There’s something about January 1 that is so refreshing – a clean slate of sorts. Now, normally I hate new years resolutions – these always seem so unattainable, so easy to break. Now goals & new habits, much more realistic and long-term.

The past two weeks, I thought a lot about what I wanted to achieve in 2018 and started compiling a note in my phone of everything. Side note: I highly encourage using your Notes app to keep track of things! On NYE I went through that list to finalize & solidify my goals for the year.

I shared some of my goals in my Instagram story (see Resolutions highlight – I’ll be posting updates throughout the year!) earlier, but wanted to have them somewhere else that was also the complete list because I added more since then. Now, I feel that it needs to be noted my point in posting my goals on Instagram and here, and the period updates, are to hold myself accountable. All the time I say I want to do things, but end up copping-out or making excuses, the list goes on and on. Fun fact: I have terrible self-motivation, if it were up to me, I’d lie in bed with Sully all day most days. So I don’t want your pity on the things I am cutting out, or you know my sisters being super supportive of me giving up alcohol for the year. But I would LOVE encouragement to stay strong and keep going (because here we are on day 4 of 365 and I’m craving Chick-fil-A, Hall’s Pizza & a glass of rosé)! At the end of the day, I need to remember to give myself grace when I mess up & don’t let it set me back. WOW – definitely the most all-over-the-place paragraph.

Now, taking a quick side step. I’m sure you have seen more & more people picking a “word for the year.” At first I thought this was silly, but the more I thought about it and what some of my goals were, I decided it wouldn’t be so bad. 2018 is the year of being PRESENT. I have more on this next week & my goals for how I plan to be more present next week!

Expect periodic updates on how things are going. Like how the no alcohol & dairy are going, books I’m reading, skin care – you get the picture.

Here’s to making 2018 the best yet!