let me preface this post with – i am not an expert by any means in essential oils and non-toxic living. it’s a day-by-day learning process, and i’m definitely still learning. i’m not perfect at it, i still use products that the ThinkDirty app HATES. but am working on making the switch slowly. OK, now on to the post.

growing up a family acquaintance (is that even a thing?) was incredibly overwhelming about her use of oils and shoving them in peoples face. please keep in mind, this was around the start of oils becoming more popular. 

that one person turned me off from the entire thing up until this past summer when i started to see more women my age using them, posting about them and sharing all the things they were doing in their lives and for them. slight backstory – this past spring i was “diagnosed” with endometriosis (quotes are because the only way to actually diagnose this is surgery) and really started looking into more of the things that cause it, ways to “cure” it, yada yada. one of the biggest factors i kept seeing were an increase in hormones in the things we were putting on/into our bodies. so obviously i started researching all the things.



not too long after this, my sweet, sweet friend emily (yes, i have 5,000 friends named emily – my parents get very confused who i’m talking about when i tell them stories too) posted a blog post about her hormones being super out of whack and how Young Living essential oils were helping her get them under control. i immediately reached out letting her know how much i appreciated the post (also something to keep in mind, at this point i’d just been instagram stalking her – we’d never met/not even sure how i stumbled upon her page). but there was still some hesitation about jumping on the “oil train.” in the back of my mind though, that thought was always there, and her posts always caught my eye and made me research things more. i’m not really sure what clicked – maybe it was all of emily’s posts or the research was finally making sense – that made me finally decide to say “sign me up!” 

the funny thing now, I have a diffuser in almost every room,  a stash of oils everywhere (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, purse), switched to more non-toxic products that i literally use EVERY SINGLE DAY, all day! they’ve helped level out some of my hormone levels that add to the endometriosis, provided emotional and immunity support, and helped cut out all the gross toxins that are in everything. 


each morning i put JOY over my heart, roll my immunity roller over my thyroid & progessence plus on my forearm, wash my face with the orange blossom .i toss something in the diffuser – it differs everyday depending on if I need more energy, calming or just want my house to smell amazing. grab some NingXia for all the antioxidants. valor when I need a boost of courage or before going into a meeting/situation I’m nervous about. I’ve got something to help with headaches, digize for allll of my stomach issues, a spray to help with hair growth and a serum to help my eyelashes & eyebrows grow (back because middle school kate thought it was way too cool to over pluck). lavender & cedarwood for sleep support. thieves laundry detergent to wash everything & purification on the wool dryer balls to keep all my clothes smelling great. and last (but definitely not everything because we would be here even longer) is the thieves household cleaner which you can use on everything – counters, floors, windows, dusting.


do your research! what about essential oils are you interested interests you? 

a few tips if you’re ready to sign up for Young Living: it’s best to sign up as a member and purchase the premium starter kit. signing up this way gets you more than $300 worth of product for $160, plus you get 24% off  retail price when you need to restock. there is not annual fee, no pressure to sell oils or need to purchase monthly oils as a member. you can sign up HERE, or send me a message/email/text and i can help walk you through the process. tip 2: ask questions. to see the best way to oils for that, or what oils might be best for that. when you purchase your kit, you’ll join a community of supporters, encouragers, people to ask questions to.