red bird

maybe one day i’ll have another fun “catch up on life” sort of posts i haven’t done in quite some time. but for now, another philosophical sort of posts.

“(red) bird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly, all your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise”
— the beatles (slightly modified)

growing up, my grandma always had an old wives tale for everything - and by everything, i definitely mean everything. i always thought they were so silly, but now i catch myself saying them or saying “my grandma always said _______.” rain when the sun is shining, baby’s hiccups, people talking about you, etc.

and i’ve always known she had one for cardinals (per younger me - red birds because I couldn’t remember cardinal, so give me grace if I start calling them red birds. never grew out of that one - you know because i still can’t remember their called cardinals - i digress), but for the life of me could never remember what it was exactly.

but there is one that has been frequenting my backyard/the field - never too close though, always observing from afar. it typically appears when there is something i wish she was here to see/experience, share words of wisdom, what she would think about something, holidays, or i just out right miss her, you get the point. she always talked about red birds (and blue jays & hummingbirds), but it wasn’t really until after she died that I started noticing them popping up - graduations, new jobs, hard times, etc. by far the one that stands out the most though - seeing one on the back fence the day i bought my house. i always thought this was her way of saying “i’m still here watching out for you,” but i equated this sighting to my grandpa’s love of the Cardinals more than anything.

anyway, the more i started noticing it the more i started to look into what the red bird old wive’s tale was. thanks to Google for making it so easy — a cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed. when you see one, it means they’re visiting you. they usually show up when you most need them or miss them. they also make an appearance during times of celebration as well as despair to let you know they will always be with you. WOW - literally everything that i just said (duh - you probably figured that out since that was the point).

so the next time you see a red bird, take a moment to think about who’s stopping by & remind you they’re out there watching over you?

xo, kate